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Friday, October 16, 2009

Not the Claws

Just a while ago Ditto had the honor, like both of our other cats, of getting his front and back claws taken out. Since our cats never do make it outside because they are inside cats there is just not a reason for them to have their claws, except to tear up on the furniture. So Ditto headed off for the vet in the morning to have his surgery. It would be three days until I would see him back at home again, because he had to stay there overnight for two nights. My mom called to see how he was doing after he was declawed, and when they went to go look in kennel he was in, they found a little kitty laying on his back now purring because of their presence, obviously doing just fine.

After two days he was able to come home. His feet were pretty sore, but it didn't really show because he had just as much energy as every. Although later in the day he was sound asleep in his bad catching up on some Z's. I knew that Ditto was going to get declawed, so the night before I took a picture of his paw with his claws, and then afterwards with no claws. These two pictures can be seen at the top of this blog.

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