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Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Man is a Beast

In my last post I was clearly frustrated with the Huskers for loosing their game against Iowa State because they had a ridiculas eight turnovers. So hoping that the Vikings would be able to win a pretty tough game, I was able to watch the first half before I had a piano recital. It wasn't too bad, besides the fact the Vikings let the Steelers get a touchdown right before half time. Just like the Husker game though the turnovers killed the Vikings in the end. They only had two, but both of them were returned for touchdowns by the Steelers defense. Overall though it was a pretty good game even though they lost.

As stated before was one reason they did not win the game, off of turnovers. Another was a terrible call by a referee, which if he hadn't had just bad call would have resulted in a Vikings touchdown. That drive also happened to be one of the two that the Vikings turned the ball over and the Steelers got a touchdown. In result if the game had played out the exact same but without the play the Vikings would have won the game 24 to 20. Getting past this piont though the game was well fought on both ends of the ball and both teams did play to the very end, it was just unfortunate that the Steelers had to win and the Vikings lost, giving them their first loss of the season.

The main reason for me to blog about this was not because I wanted to blog about the Vikings loosing a close game, but about Adrian Peterson. Even though didn't doesn't seem like he is runing that well, or doing as well as he use to is because defenses now base their main defensive plan around him. They keep an eye on him every moment of the game, and when he does break out it is just his raw talent shining through. He is just such a threat that at times defenses have to put eight of thier eleven player up in the box, just to not let Peterson out and about. Now in the game against the Steelers he had just 69 rushing yards, but there was one play inparticular that was Peterson just showing you what he does best. Just watch!

This was the best part of the entire game. I have watched this video probably close to thirty times. I just love the announcers responses when they replay it. "Oooooh my Goodness" and,"This man is a BEAST" describe it perfectly. Then there is Peterson,"AWWwwwAwwww". Normally I don't like players doing this kind of thing, but this was well deserved. One example of a player doing a gesture that just wasn't needed was Holmes, a wide reciever of the Steelers, flexing his biscep pretty much after ever catch. First of all it got old real fast, and he did it no matter if it was a 5 yard catch to a 20 yard catch. It gets really lame man. But not to get too side tracked, go ahead and watch the video again, and again, and again....because this man is a beast.

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