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Sunday, October 25, 2009

So Easily Amused

This happened the other day when I had just gotten home from school. I had had XC practice and brought my dirty clothes home to be washed in a plastic bag. I put the the bag of clothes on the floor in my room and continued on with my day. It was in the evening and I was doing my homework in my room when I began to hear this really loud crinkly sound. I peered over the edge of my bed and saw Ditto laying there in side the bag with his Head sticking out of the opening. I must of forgotten to put away the bag after taking care of the clothes, and Ditto had found the bag. He was quite entertained by it too. When he saw me he crouched down deeper into the bag, and then pounced up towards me out of the bag. Then he quickly run under my dresser and hid among my shoes. Right then he saw it as a game. He would run along and crawl in to the bag and roll around in it. Then try and attack me and then go and hide. Lets just say that I did not get much homework done during those thirty minutes. He continued to play until he must have gotten tired and then just decided it was just good enough to lay and roll around in it. Ditto often does this kind of thing around the house, but with different things like pillows on the couch, he just likes to play and play hard.

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