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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big Monday Night

It is early afternoon and normally I am just waiting for the Vikings game that is usually at noon. Today is different though. I am still nervous for the game and can'y wait to watch it, but it is not even on Sunday! This weeks game, the Vikings are playing their biggest, most looked up to game of the season. It all happens on Monday night and I can not wait. They are playing Brett Farves former team, the Green Bay Packers. This game is a lot bigger than normal because of one person on the Vikings team, and I already mentioned him. Brett Farve. A couple years ago there was some troubles between the Packers and Farve. They didn't really want him to come back, and that year he went to the Jets. After playing a year with the Jets, he retired again. But then the Vikings changed his mind , and so now he is playing for the the Vikings even after all of the drama between him being able to play well enough etc. Now tomorrows game will be the first time that Farve will be playing his original team. Now all the players and coaches are saying that it is just another game, and that they just need to focus on the basics and win, but you all know that this look upon this game is a little too laid back. There is a lot to this game, and even if it is just another football game it has so much more hidden inside. If Farve wins, then Farve will be the first player ever in NFL history to play ever team in the league and win. Also this game is kind of a way to prove to his former team that he is still pretty good, and still has it. The only thing that I am kind of worried about is that Farve will try to do too much and force the football, creating costly errors. As long as he remembers that he has the best running back in the league behind him, and if the running game is going better than the passing game, then it is ok for him to just hand it off to Adrian Peterson. Overall I think that they can win this game, but it should be pretty interesting hense the reason why it is also on Monday night football.

My prediction is that the game will be pretty close, but since the game is being played at the Vikings home stadium, the Metrodome, the home environment will guide the Vikings to a victory.

My game score prediction: Vikings 27 Packers 24

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