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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crushing Turnovers

Wow! This is really lame. I get home from work and I find out that Nebraska just shot themselves in their foot; and only about eight times. Now if you are an Iowa State fan I do not even want to see you or even speak to you. It was the biggest bulls**t game ever. I am surprised that the Nebraska fans, it was played at Nebraska, didn't just storm the field in anger, but they wouldn't do that because they are pretty good fans when it comes to sportsmanship. It was not even the fact that Iowa State out played them, because them didn't. Nebraska had over a hundred yards more offense than Iowa State in the game, 123 yards to be exact. Their defense was also dominant in allowing only nine points even though the were on the field for the majority of the game, so this game could have easily been won.

I have got something to say to the Nebraska offense: Step it up you dumb***s and hold on to the f***ing football, period. If you can not do this go play somewhere else, or you have one more chance to prove that you can actually score points, and not lean only on your defense. I am sorry you can not expect to win if you commit eight turnover: five fumbles and three interceptions. The offense has been terrible for the past two games. They got spanked by Texas Tech who isn't too bad, but they should have won the game. Being rated 15th and then dropping out of the top 25 after that loss, I thought that that would at least pull them together to improve and try and get better, but in reality they just got worse.

Come on offense just score. Are you afraid? Did you forget your touchdown victory dance? Scared that you might upset the team if you won in your own stadium? Whatever your problem is get over it, and soon. You are now 4 and 3 on the season, and two of those losses have come from just plain out sloppy play. Not being able to catch the ball, just straight up dropping the ball, and throwing untimely interceptions will lose you game after game no matter who you play.

Ok one good side note to two of Nebraska best players: Mr. Suh and Alex Henery. Suh had a great game blocking two kicks; one for an extra point and the other for a field goal. He is also leading Nebraska in tackles as a DT. As for Alex Henery he did about all he could do with pinning Iowa State on their own 2 and 6 yard line, obviously giving them terrible field position.

If Nebraska does not win next week versus Baylor then I think you can kiss away any chance for a bowl game. They had a pretty solid first five games, but now have fallen apart and are not playing like a team at all. Bo you need to do your job and get your team together and go out there and actually have some offense and win some games.

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