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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quite the Character

Now that my family has had Ditto for a while I am beginning to realize his personality. Like you probably know your pets are kind of like people. They are members of your family, so they add their own type of living in your family, and often change it up a little. This is very obvious in the role Ditto now adds to our family.

Ditto can either piss you off or make you laugh and smile. He has natural sense of being happy. He really enjoys peoples company and often chooses to be around you. One example of his happy go lucky out look on life was shown when he had to go to the vet and began to purr even when he was getting a couple shots. I think that he just likes to purr though because you don't even have to touch him and he will begin to purr for you.

One thing that is kind of frustrating about him though is that he really likes to nibble on your hands even if you are just trying to pet him. He has a lot of energy and thinks that you are trying to play with him all the time. He also likes to bother our other two cats by running up to them and then jumping into the air, or just plain ramming into them and tackling them. His is still quite a bit smaller than our other cats so I don't know why h thinks he can go and beat up on them.

One odd thing about Ditto is that he likes to sleep in interesting places. For example he likes to sleep under the piano and on the bathroom rugs. None of our other cats have ever tried to sleep here, mostly because I don't think that either place would be that comfortable or feel that safe. Another kind of weird thing is that he has a pretty weak roar. His meow is kind of pathetic, but he really like to talk and complain to you. Ditto in general is a little strange, but is really friendly and likes to play.

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