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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Powerless of Red

I just got done watching the Nebraska vs. Texas Tech game. Man what a disappointment it was too. After coming off a huge fourth quarter victory over Missouri at Missouri and then being ranked 15 in the BCS rankings they are sure to drop way down, and maybe even out of the top 25.

Watching this game just made me feel crappy. They played crappy, they got crappy calls by the referees, and provided for a crappy game to watch. I do not how it could have gotten any more crappy. The defense got their blackshirts yesterday, and today played like they hadn't even heard of the term. They allowed 17 points just in the first half. Then a total of 24 at the end of the game. They didn't commit any turn overs and got only a couple of sacks throughout the entire game. They did play a little better the second half, but still being ranked the second best defense and only allowing on average 8 points a game before this, they didn't play up to keeping the blackshirts.

Since the defense did play better the second half you would think that the offense would feed off of that success of the defense and get on a roll since the Texas Tech defense would be on the field more and get more tired. Wrong. If anything they just liked to be on the field and use up clock time. This could be proven by the ridicules amount of penalties that they committed. It made me shout out at the television, which I usually do not do, because I was so upset. Then there were the calls that were just terrible by the refs. Not as bad as the one that that baseball ump made during the Twins vs. Yankees game; who called Joe Mauers hit foul after bouncing off the Yankees outfielders glove and then landing well six inches inbounds, by the way that call could have cost the Twins the game. Don't get me started on that though. It seemed though that the refs were calling everything on the Huskers and practically nothing on Texas Tech unless it was so obvious that they would get fired from their job for beating caught cheating by taking a side. To cool my steam off, even though it doesn't make me feel any better about the loss, I just need to realize what is done is done and no matter what I say or how much of it I say it won't change the result of the game, For that reason I am done talking and typing abo.......

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