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Friday, October 9, 2009

Belated Monday Review

So I know it is kind of late to blog about this last weeks Monday night football game, but I am going to inform you any way. If you missed it you really missed out on probably the best game of the NFL season yet. It played up to be like a playoff game in just the fourth week of the season. The Vikings played and defeated the Packers 30 to 23.

The game play was quite different then normal for the Vikings. Brett Farve has had two back to back large games, and Adrian Peterson can say quite the opposite. Although Peterson says that it doesn't really bother him that he isn't having big games as long as they are winning the games, I still sense that he does want to have big games in their victories. One good thing about the fact that Peterson isn't able to run well is the Vikings are still able to win because the passing game has opened up. Farve had three touchdown passes in Mondays game.

The score of the game, in my opinion, does not show how close this game really was at times. The Packers could have won this game if it weren't for the Vikings goal line defense, some key turnovers, and the poor protection Aaron Rodgers had. On the one yard line for fourth and goal the Packers went for it and failed. This wasn't the first time the Vikings were able to stop a team on the one yard line on fourth and goal. I believe that the same thing happened last year against the Chicago Bears. Turnovers which were a fumble and interception dug the Packers into a hole. The Packers were driving when Winfield made a great interception. Lastly and probably the biggest reason why the Packers lost was because the offensive line of the Packers could not protect Rodgers to save their lives. Rodgers was sacked eight time through out the game. Four and a half of these came Jared Allen. Overall though teams have problems and the Vikings had their own during times in the game, so I am not making would of, could of, and should of's.

The Vikings should be 5 and 0 after this weekends game. They get to play the St. Louis Rams who are 0 and 4 so far on the year. I really hope that Peterson has a big game to boost his convidence and still show that he can control the game. Anything less then a ten point victory I think will be a dissapointment because right now the Vikings just now to buckle down and make it to their bye week because they have to face more difficult teams then the Rams.

My game score prediction: Vikings 38 Rams 10
Oh and by the way I just wanted to point out that so far my score predictions have been pretty close, now this one will probably be way off now that I said this. Oh well.

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