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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pruple vs Navy Battle

This weeks game is muy importante for both of the teams playing each other this week. On the deep rooted purple side of the Vikings they will try and go 6 and 0, the first time that Farve will have been 6 and 0 in all the seasons he has played in so far. As for the buffed up navy/purple Baltimore Ravens they are coming off two back to back losses, the first one against the New England Patriots and the second from the Cincinnati Bengals. With a win from either team would be crucial looking on towards later in the year and the post season.

The Vikings are 5 and 0 after a 38 to 10 victory from the St. Louis Rams. By the way I predict the score of the Vikings game each week and for the past four weeks I had been very close to getting the actual score; only a touchdown or field goal off. This last week though I totally called the Vikings winning 38 to 10, so it is pretty awesome. Anyway to get back on track this is the first time for Farve in all of his NFL seasons to start at 5 and 0, so that can only look to be positive about he is playing and how the team as a whole is playing. The Ravens on the other hand are 3 and 2 so far on the season. Their record though is actually deceiving. They are actually a decent team. They have a pretty good quarterback and offense that could rack up some points on you at any time. Also their defense is pretty good at stopping the run and overall their defense is one of the best in the game right now. Their two losses have been quite close games, and they have been making dumb mistakes and getting stupid penalties called at really inconvenient times during the game. I am saying all this because this weeks game will be the hardest so far for the Vikings and even maybe a little too much for them even if they are playing at home. The Ravens will be looking for a win and will be playing maybe a little harder than usual. The Vikings do have a strong confidence right now being 5 and 0 and all, but this confidence may hurt them. I am not saying a loss is ever good, but if they would happen to lose this game it might help them realize that they still have work to do before most likely reaching the post season.

Key things for this game to result in a Vikings victory. First of all is would be great if the offensive line could make big holes for Adrian Peterson. Last week Cedric Benson of the Bengals broke the Ravens streak of not allowing a 100 yard rusher with 120 yards. It would be great to see Peterson do that very same thing because then the pressure on Farve will much less. That kind of leads into the next thing. The Ravens are a very physical football team, so they will be bringing it on Farve all day with lots of pressure and blitzes. If Farve can get out of this and still be able to throw the ball effectively then they will be fine, but if Farve is getting popped around like a little bobble head I just worried that he will get hurt. As for when the Ravens have the ball, if the front four of the Vikings are able to apply pressure on Joe Flacco the rest of the defense should be able to hold up. If they need extra help to get at the quarterback the defense might be a little more shaky because of the less protection down the field that is then going for the quarterback. I have a feeling that this game will be very close and that in fact, as much as I hate to say this, the Vikings may get a loss because of a pretty good Ravens team that is starving for a win, and why not got your win and give the other team their first loss all in the same game. It will be a well fought game no matter who happens to win it. Go Vikings; 6 and 0!

I am having a really hard time deciding my prediction of the game score. I can't even really decide who I think is going to win the game. I think I am going to go with a lower to medium scoring game. Probably around in the mid twenties. Also the difference of the two scores being about three to six points, a field goal or two, difference. Now I am going to have to go with my team. Right? Yeah I have got to believe that they can beat a legitimate team. Soooo my game score prediction. No drum roll necessary.

My hopeful game score prediction: Vikings 24 Ravens 17

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