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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Brutal Battle

This weeks game, or I guess todays game, is yet another physical and brutal game. I know it may sound like I am repeating myself each week when I start off my blog but it is just so true that the games are vital in winning when playing another good team. Like last week that was the Vikings closest game yet this year, but they were able to win so it proves that the Viking may actually be a viable team this year to go deep into the playoffs. When there are only sixteen games in the regular season that doesn't leave much room for error.

Soooo, this week game like I stated about is going to be another bone crushing, hard fought battle to the very last second. The match up is a good one: Vikings vs. Steelers. Again the Steelers record is 4 and 2, but they are a much better team than what their record reads. In those two losses they were missing their key defensive player, Troy Palomalu, who got injured for those games. Now that he will be back for this game this boosts and already solid defense, so offensively it is vital that they convert on third downs and do not have many if any mistakes, like turnovers. Also the Steelers now seem to have switched from primarily running the ball to passing the ball. They have not abanded he run game, but just have been throwing the ball more and more effectively. This is not good news for the Vikings because Winfield, one of their cornerbacks went out with an injure, so this will make that side of the field a probable direction to throw the ball for the Steelers. Another injury that could affect the Vikings offense is that Harvin is questionable with a bruised shoulder. The Steelers also have a good defense like I said before. They are really good at stopping the run, so this will really make Peterson work hard to get any good runs, cutting back yet again on the Vikings offense.

It is not all bad but the Vikings are going to have to do quite a few things right if they want to remain undefeated. When they have the ball the offensive line needs to protect Farve really when. Secondly for the offense, they need to try and get the ball in Petersons hands and then block. Thirdly, they need to make sure that they convert on third downs to keep the Steelers defense on the fiels as long as possible. Fourth, they need to hold onto the ball and not throw any interceptions. Finally they need to be able to block out any crowd noise from the Steeler fans, sinse this game is being played in Pittsburg. Defensively the defensive line needs to get to Ben and force him to make mistakes. Then they need to make sure that they do not give up the big play. They need to get any turnover possible, like in any game. Finally they need to play defense the entire game and not almost lose because they pretty much stopped playing defense in the fourth quarter. I know it may sound like they need to play a pretty flawless game, but they also have to in order to win because the Steelers win get points off of any mistake they make.

Again I am not really sure who will win this game. It will most likely be a very close game, and who ever has the ball last may just be able to win the game. Again I will have to go with a Vikings victory because I have to think positive about the outcome of the game. Last weeks prediction of the score was the farthest off so far this season, so I am not really sure what it should be this week. Anyways it is just an educated guess so here it is.

My game score prediction: Vikings 27 Steelers 24

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